Mobile Application

Bula FM is one of the top radio stations in Fiji. FBC’s aim is to increase their user base and reach also Fijians who live abroad and want to keep in touch with the island life using their mobile devices.


The use of mobile apps is increasing substantially in the Pacific. Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) decided to launch the first radio app of the country to maintain its cutting edge communication strategy. Now they can reach users in every country on their smartphones and tablets.TEXT HERE


As consumers spend more time on their mobile phones instead of traditional media, advertisers face the challenge to keep up with this technological shift. Bula FM Radio App allows to broadcast audio announcements to a wider audience. In addition FBC can also display visual ads on mobile phones and tablets’ screens.


Totolo Lab developed 4 different radio apps also for Mirchi, Gold and 2DayFM available in the app store. Using the latest user experience guidelines the apps run smoothly on iOS and Android phones. In fact, developing engaging cross platform apps is the only way to reach all users regardless of their devices and operating systems. We use only the best tools and technologies to make sure your business gets the attention it deserves, even on app stores

Connected Everywhere

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way Pacific Islanders get information and communicate with each other. With more countries connected to cheaper and higher speed internet, FBC decided to launch Bula FM Radio App, the first in the Pacific region. Now also people in remote areas that cannot access radio signal can keep up with island life.