Sea Food

Clear and professional photos make the difference in communicating with your customers. The average time spent on a social media posts has decreased drammatically with smartphones in the Pacific. Great images age the only way to win competitors and catch faster leads.

Gene's Premium Seafood


We realised a social media marketing page and campaign addressed to Gene’s Premium Seafood potential clients. When contacted our client could boost his sales on the Fijian market, despite the top quality price of its product.


After an in-depth study of the brand positioning and their target customers, Totolo Lab organized a professional photshoot and developed a catchy social media page. A targeted Facebook campaign was launched taking into account anagraphics and locations of Gene’s Premium Seafood top leads.


By the end of the campaign Gene’s Premium Seafood increased its leads by 35% and boosted its sale of 15%. Thanks to a better designed social media page its organic likes and engagement keep increasing overtime.

Gene's Premium Seafood

Branding in the Social Media Era

Gene’s Premium Seafood asked Totolo Lab to ideate and create a Social Media Marketing campaign to generate quality leads and boost sales. Our team took professional photos of their product and created a Facebook page and a campaign targeted to Gene’s potentual customers. In only two weeks our clients increased leads generation by 35% and sales by 15%.